1st prototype

Here are some images of the new Lambretta in its early stages of conception. this first prototype was commisioned to primarily explore the possibilitys of fitting the bulky Piaggio 250 4 valve Quasar engine  and the constraints of its 12" wheels inside the classic shape of the lambretta using as much std panelwork as possible ,so as to remain true to the original design.This prototype used the carb engine and had nowhere near the bulk or complications that would come later with the fitting of the Euro 3  passed fuel injection engine and its pressurised and sealed fuel tank.

At the time this prototype was built Piaggio did not inform us that new legislation would be in place  by the time it was completed ,that would not allow the fitting of carb engines due to there high emmisions, this nesecitated the building of the 2nd prototype with fuel injection engine.


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