After extensive testing and engineering review in Pontedera Italy, the Phase “0” Lambretta prototype arrived at the CMSI Preston, Washington headquarters in January. The arrival of the Lambretta was met with great anticipation from the Lambretta team and no one was disappointed. After returning from the first test ride where the scooter effortlessly reached speeds in excess of 70 mph, CMSI president Tom Lynott remarked “This truly is the Ferrari of scooters. The ride is smooth and the handling and acceleration are excellent.” Many industry leaders have also flown in to see the new Lambretta for themselves and the response has been very positive. Vince Mross of Lambretta Works just crowned “Mr. Lambretta” by the Lambretta Club USA, commented during his recent visit “the performance exceeds my expectations, it is smooth and effortless with no vibration. My congratulations to your team.”

The scooter has been undergoing further testing at CMSI headquarters and will be sent to U.S. EPA/DOT facilities to receive important certification for regulatory compliance. This Lambretta will also be used to gather market feedback at rallies and tradeshows around the country. Its first stop was at the 2005 Dealer Expo in Indianapolis Feb 19-21, where the scooter was on display for thousands of industry leaders and dealers to see. After seeing the Lambretta David Wycoff of Tulsa Scooter remarked, “the new Lambretta will make a major impact.” The response at the Indy show was overwhelming and many of the top motor scooter dealers are now lining up for the opportunity to carry the new Lambretta once it hits the market.

According to Lambretta USA officials “being able to show the prototype is an important step in the rebirth of the new Lambretta as the market can now see that our intent is serious. There also seems to be a growing appreciation from those in the industry for not rushing the scooter to the market by cutting corners on things that take time to do correctly.”

Text and images from the CMSI site