Series 4 frame kit

 Not mentioned in Scootering's article is the fact that this scooter was actually the rolling prototype for the Lambretta Laboratory's Series 4 frame kit utilizing the new engine mounting bushes (three hardnesses!!!) and the first version of the donor tubular sub-frame assembly.

Undertaken initially as an exercise by Lambretta Laboratory's Frank Sanderson and Solely Scooter's Pete Merchant to explore the building of kits for people by a recognized dealership. The Framework seen at Pete's was delivered as a rolling chassis (see dodgy photos below) for development and wiring. Frank then provided the bucks for making moulds for the panels, and toolbox in a slightly different form for water-cooled kits.

The ideas developed over the two year build period have proven invaluable in the development of the Series 4 kit. Lambretta Laboratories would like to thank Nunny for his patience and Pete Merchant for his valuable input.

Below are some shots of the scooter in the early stages of its development