RX 250

                       The scooters featured in this sect show the development of the  S6 single cyl variants.

RX250This Lambretta does 90.3 mph uphill in 4th gear. That might not seem impressive. What if I were to mention that there were still two more gears to go?

Let's get this straight from the start. This is the fastest scooter I've ever ridden, and it looks to the outside world like a normal sixties Lambretta. How smart is that? It even sounds like a tuned Lambretta because it is powered by a single cylinder two-stroke engine that revs to around 9,000 rpm. The similarity ends there.

Frank Sandersons RX250 prototype made me realise why so many motorcycles and scooters have seats that slope up at the rear. It's one of those things that I assumed was just a recent fashion trend, but the answer is simple and makes perfect sense had I bothered to think it through. As I fought not to slide backwards along the flat Ancilotti seat it dawned on me that bikes have sloped seats to help keep the rider in place under extreme acceleration. I needed a seat like that on the RX250.

If you ride this machine at low revs, below the power band, it behaves not unlike a normal Lammy with a fairly tall first gear. The difference is in the control on the right hand twistgrip. It is not a throttle. It is a heart-rate adjuster,... an adrenaline switch.

Should you twist the ear of the RX with gusto, the machine responds with such an insane burst of acceleration that it is literally very hard to hold on. I dared not sit at the back of the seat and give it Pepsi Max, in the certainty that the front wheel would pick a star-bound trajectory, and I would be left on the launch pad like so much unwanted ballast. In the end I settled upon the technique of bracing my heels against the front of the panels  and using my legs to try and keep me and the scooter in close proximity. It is one of the few sorts of muscular exercise that I can honestly say I approve of.

* text courtesy of scootering magazine 

Troy & FrankRX250 in frameToolbox
Troy (left on GP) & Frank (right on RX250)
Rotax engine in chasis