350 Yamaha


The picture above shows me Frank Sanderson in blue overalls in the original unit in the Oyston Mill in Preston around 1986.In the background is the original prototype (blue and green)built by me. the Scooter in the foreground is the red and black one pictured below which was one of the first production 350`s also built by me. at this time these scooters were not going to be called rosser but called Rossan which is a mix of Rosser and Sanderson and was supposed to sound Japanese . Originaly when I built the first 350 (the blue and green one) Alan Rosser was employed by me as a mechanic I then developed the second model with Alans help and we became partners in the project. As the project developed I realised that I could not work with Alan any longer due to personal reasons and after building the first production one and setting up all the tooling for him we parted ways. The rest is history.
350 Yamaha conversion completed for Alan Lawrenson (below)

350 Yamaha conversion350 Yamaha conversion

The first 350 conversion 1987, pictures courtesy of Scootering magazine (below)

Early customer project (below)